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Mark and Michala Petersen Their Health, Their Future Miki Montgomery - NDD Nutritional Deficiency Disorder

Michala Petersen - Servant Hearted Leadership - 2016 March 09 Rebroadcast


Audio - The Wellness Effect - Dr. Mitra Ray and Katherine Lee

Document - The Wellness Effect 


Dr. William Sears: ADD or NDD? short video interview  24 Minutes - Deficit Disorders ADD, ADHD, OCD, Diabetes

Ask Dr. Sears website   

Nutritional Deficit Disorder: A Holistic Approach

American Nutrition Association Review (viewed 10-6-16)
Dr. Sears is arguably the most famous pediatrician in the US and brings tremendous credibility to the link between nutrition and behavioral disorder, especially for those who aren’t completely convinced. The book is easy to read, if a bit choppy, and tries to explain the complex issues involved in a very simplified manner. The concepts are well laid out, with much anecdotal evidence. Practical tips are supplied from someone who has heard all of the excuses. Parents are given very specific things to look for and to avoid. This book is extremely useful and the advice is easy to follow. I believe that it should be required reading for all parents.



The 7 Frequencies Video discussion









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