Lisa Widdowson, LMT

Sports Touch

Sports Touch for the Serious Athlete

The Montgomery Method (TM) for Performance Enhancement,  Increased Energy, Stamina and Accelerated Recovery

Written by Kate Montgomery, HHP, TNP, PKP


See page 25 for the 2 Minute Energy Balance

See page 212 for the American  Football Ritual

Start at page 39 for Acupressure

Start at page 55 for NLR and NVR 

   NeuroLymphatic Reflexes - RUB with pressure

   NeuroVascular Reflexes - HOLD lightly

See Page 129 - Applied Kinesiology Practitioner (me!)

See pages 213 and 132 regarding concussion

See pages 127 on regarding The Team Approach: "Your team consists of everyone that insures your body hums to perfection, remains injury free and optimizes training and competitive performance."

Start at page 141 for Athletic Rituals

   - Prelude page 141

   - Extra Techniques page 142

   - Daily page 143

   - Jet Lag page 220 (meridian tracing) 

   - Terri Kaus download available regarding NVR and jetlag:

   - Terri Kaus Video to trace meridians:


   - Terri Kaus Videos to switch on: