Lisa Widdowson, LMT

Resonance and Vibration

Watch this video first

1.) use affirmations with 432 or 528 hertz music in the background  ("it's the feeling and intention behind them that will generate the vibrational power responsible for changing your body, mind and spirit.")

2.)  12 beneifits of meditation, tai chi, prayer time:

   increase gray matter in the brain

   controls anxiety

   promotes emotional health

   enhances self-awareness

   lengthens attention span

   reduces age-related memory loss

   makes you kinder

   helps fight addictions

   improves sleep

   helps control pain

   decreases blood pressure

   reduces stress

3.) Sing to eliminate emotional blockages

4.) Test healing techniques based on magnetism

5.) Use high-vibrational objects in your environment

search "instantly raise your vibration: on you-tube

search "shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland"

search "432hz unlocked and explained  -  monaomic music 432 Hz published on Feb 20, 2020"

note to self: during recovery at Select, instead of watching tv, I listened to you-tube frequency music tuned to 741, 444, 432, 528 hertz