Lisa Widdowson, LMT

DIY BMPT via Amazon

The following items from Amazon are needed for the Do It Yourself BioMagnetic Pair Therapy Protocol Maps.  There are more washers and magnets than necessary, but this seems to be the least expensive way to get started. 

Think of this as a lifetime investment for your family, as you can apply these protocols (and many more) to every family member every month. 

These are my Amazon affiliate links, meaning that Amazon pays me a (tiny) portion as compensation for recommending these items. Trust me, no one gets rich with affiliate links, and you can easily spend the time to find comparable items. (it took me about three days to find the right washers though...).

Please,  if you do find a better deal, please share it with me too!! 

Here are quick links to the three items which are the bare necessities for getting started:

30 Plastic coated domino sized magnets 

100 Washers

2 Pillowcases 


Recommended addons for sleeping grounded are at the bottom of this page, as well as various sheet sets and sizes. If you get the twin size, please understand that it comes with just one pillowcase, and understand that placing washers under fitted sheets is difficult.  Variations for magnet positioning and application include the use of velcro, and those links are listed below also.

You really do not need anything more than magnets to use the protocols. Please NEVER purchase or use neodymium magnets for DIY use as they may be too strong and ineffective for therapy. 


Plastic Coated Magnets:  - Sixteen domino shaped 4000ish gauss magnets are needed for the first three protocols. The others can be used to create pain chains ( - + - + - + - + -).

The magnets will probably arrive with no designation as to which side is north. Watch this video for a tutorial how to determine polarity:  (It is in Spanish and a translated transcript is available for download here: . Creating my own video of this process is on the agenda!)


If you'd like to get velcro and fabric markers, here are some links.

Black Velcro: - to mark the North/negative side of the magnet plus the position and pole locations on the sheets. Rule #1: Soft sides go on the magnets, scratchy sides go on the sheets.

Red Velcro: - to mark the South/positive side of the magnet plus the locations on the sheets. Rule #2 Remember Rule #1: Soft sides go on the magnets, scratchy sides go on the sheets.

Green Velcro: - to attach magnets to arms, arch, hands and jaw.

Fabric Markers: - I would have recommended Sharpies, but couldn't find a pack with a real yellow. You'll need the three primary colors (red, yellow, blue), three secondary colors (orange, green, blue), and black. Other colors in this pack can be used to label specific protocols and muscle sites.


Twin XL Grid Sheets: - these fit typical dorm room mattresses which are bit longer than a regular twin size mattress. They fit on a professional massage table.

Twin (Regular Length) Grid Sheets: - these fit a massage table too.

Full Size 2" Grid Sheets:

Queen Size 2" Grid Sheets:

King Size 2" Grid Sheets:

California King Size 2" Grid Sheets:


For anything bigger than a twin, consider a possibility beyond just the sheets fitting your bed: do you want two people experiencing this therapy at the same time? You could use this time of relaxing and being still to converse with your child or partner!! If the answer is yes, just order a few more magnets

However, instead of buying another box of 30 magnets, consider this set that includes an instructional pamphlet with 3 magnets:  The pamphlet contains priceless information for a lifetime of use. In addition, those magnets are color coded properly so that you can easily snap one with the un-marked magnets to identify their polarity. There is a magnetic law that is generally known: the same poles repel each other and opposite poles attract, so the marked black/negative sides of these magnets "snaps" toward the positive side of the un-marked red magnet. Thus the other side of the un-marked red magnet can be swiped with a black marker to indicate that it is the negative/north side.  Then the soft side of a black velcro dot can be applied. (This process will be shown and explained in further detail in another video...)

If you'd prefer to not buy sheets and bring a long sleeve long torso 100% cotton t-shirt that covers your behind (thus covering your inguinals too), I can mark the correct spots and then, at home, you can move around while using the protocols. Do I suggest a $26 shirt like the one below? No. But this is one of the only images showing a white color, long sleeves, and a relatively long torso.  You can use this link for a 4 pack of Hanes - please get white and the next size up.  Magnets/washers will be attached and positioned under the glute muscles, the inguinals and several other places on the front and back of your t-shirt.  You can then replicate this pattern on a shirt for specifically for your child or partner.



30 Magnets:

Black Velcro dots:

Red Velcro dots:

Green Velcro Garden Tape:

Fabric Markers:

Twin XL Sheets:

Twin Sized Sheets:




California King: 


And finally, I recommend using good old fashioned grounding straps while you sleep until you can afford to rent or purchase your own Bemer mat. 


a "Kit" like I used when fixing computers includes 2 straps 


20 foot extension cord for the grounding plugs and fabric:


Fabric that I have to make my own wrist bands for kids and pillowcases:


2 grounding pillowcases and cords:


2 count Black elastic and coiled wires




12 white hats: