Lisa Widdowson, LMT

d. Biomagnetism-Recalibration System


The Mind, Body, Spirit Recalibration System Magnetic Therapy Solutions

Written by Moses Durazo


See page 43 for Spiritual Challenges Solution 

See page 44 for Emotional Challenges Solution

See page 45 for Physical Challenges Solution

See page 46 for Spiritual Strengths Booster

See page 47 for Emotional Strengths Booster

See page 48 for Physical Strengths Booster

See page 51 for Detoxification Booster

See page 53 for Immune System Booster

See page 54 for Pain Reliever

See page 56 for Quick Anatomy Reference

See page 59 for Integumentary (Skin, Nail, Hair), Skeletal and Endocrine Systems

See page 60 for

See page 61 for Muscular Systems

See page 62 for Nervous, Digestive and Urinary Systems

See page 64 for Cardiovascular Systems

See page 65 for Immune and Reproductive Systems

See page 66 for Respiratory System

See page 67 for Maintaining a Perfect Life System