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Updated Dec 17, 2020 to add this video, and Lisa highly recommends watching all of it regarding Vitamin D and preventing Covid-10:
Other videos I re-watched while re-loading my brain:  MARCH 17, 2020


Gabriella Guzman  

Translation of the description of the video above: 
* Dr Isaac Goiz Durán *, sends a message to his students, through Ana Zúñiga, his assistant: * Dear Students: * The work of Dr. Luc Montagnier shows that DNA can be transmitted by remote coding. Viruses are portions of DNA associated with a mucoprotein, but viruses do not have a metabolism for this reason; the portion of DNA is encoded within a cell and the mucoprotein is generated by the bacteria. In the case of HIV (Immunodeficiency virus occurs in the rectum) and the mucoprotein in the mediastinum by E. coli; in relation to the coronavirus, the portion of DNA occurs in the urethra (final part of the urinary tract) and the mucoprotein is generated by bacteria that are close to that area (pseudomonas aeruginosa - yersinia pestis or bordetella pertussis) but after 31 years of treating To thousands of patients I affirm: No virus can cause the death of the carrier since the virus only causes fever or edema, which requires association with another pathogenic element to achieve the death of the patient. In the case of HIV it can be tuberculosis, neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia trachomatis or treponema pallidum; and, in the case of CORONAVIRUS, the pertussis bacillus. These concepts are the result of the dual or bipolar concept of EL PAR BIOMAGNETICO discovered in 1988 in Mexico, scientists changed the name of the virus to distract attention and justify its curative failure, but CORONAVIRUS is the same as COVID-19. To tentatively * Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán * 



Resonating Bacteria Pertussis - gram negative

video resulting in pro-vaccination message but with great graphics of the disease process at cellular level:


gram positive

Genus Bacillus terminology  


virus: wikipedia mentions polarity:

dated in 2015:



In this artiicle - - scroll down to this section:  Infectious disease  James F.X. Wellehan • Jr., ... Johannes Thomas Lumeij, in Current Therapy in Avian Medicine and Surgery, 2016 March 13, 2020 mentions enzymes and the last questions mentions that kids aren't as susceptible - perhaps because their pancreas still produces plenty of enzymes???

UNMC mentions same clinical trial drug: 



Location 645 in Janice Bailey's Kindle Book Bioenergetic Basics: "...when the virus is of the RNA type (non-pathogenic) then the bacterium of the pair is pathogenic.  In that case, the virus only lends support to the bacterium, vibrating and resonating with it to strengthen it.  The bacterium causes the disease and ensuing pain."


San Diego Goiz Certified practitioner has a great website: 


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