BMP Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

The following videos quickly explain BioMagnetic Pair Therapy and it's potential use during this pandemic.

The books and sites that I have been studying and correlating to acupressure points are available here and in my store .  My own videos will be posted soon on my Ko-Fi site where, if you are so inclined and led, you can make a donation to help my family during this time when I cannot ethically massage anyone.  All glory to Jesus, I pray this information is useful to you and your family and that it gets into the right hands very soon to impact our country and global brothers and sisters. Please watch the following two videos, then TEXT me at 402-590-9384 if you have any questions.


1.) This video is available with English subtitles and gives a brief history of Dr. Isaac Goiz and Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, contraindications, polarity, timing determined by latitude/longitude location and the pair Nose / Esophagus.  Near LaVista, Nebraska, keep the pair on for 24 minutes: negative (north pole black side) at the bridge of the nose, positive (south pole red side) just above the xiphoid process but under the thymus.


Click this link for the auto-translated transcript of the video below.  If you cannot make the closed captions do the auto-translating, I suggest opening the two windows side by side so that you can follow along.  Magnets For Coronavirus  Abre Tu Mente MX  March 21, 2020

1.a) This is a link to the same instructor as above as he is performing his customized BioMagnetic Pair Therapy session:  The captions have been auto-translated to English and transcribed here

1.b) Here is a link to the instructor above as he describes how to label the sides of a magnet positive and negative. It too has Spanish captions that can be auto-translated to English on your PC. 

2.) The following video had Spanish captions and your version of You-Tube may have been able to autotranslate it into English.  (click CC, choose Spanish, then click Settings >> Subtitles/CC >> Autotranslate >> English.)  However, it was removed and this may be a good link to another version: , transcribed here

This is Dr. Goiz.  CORONAVIRUS Y BIOMAGNETISMO   CARLOS GIL dated March 9, 2020



3.) This one includes graphics of the the placement of pairs...and a great reminder:  "Remember that what you think, you attract." 



4.) Thoughts are things, and this video explains how to get rid of negative thoughts...please note that it is mentioned in several of my training documents to never use strong neodynium magnets on the head.  Perhaps the layout shown around the head is far enough away if this guy is using strong magnets. 


This is my explanation of BMP with a Teeter Totter analogy.  To first visualize the pH scale as a teeter totter, click this link, then come back to see it in action regarding viruses and bacteria.


And further explanation of the 5 Elements...

cellular structure explanation (pay attention to RNA descriptions)


Here is a continuation of a MedCram explanation, ending with HOPE and three studies, the last one in 2013 about being in prone position (related note: the governing meridian is on the back, so it is exposed or over the body while in prone position, allowing negative electrons from palms to affect the back side of the chakras)


The following video talks about the T lymphcyte as well as HIV,  Sauna hot/cold therapies, and sharing ventilators:


Now, regardless of how covid-19 is different from HIV, the similarities abound in relation to the RNA.  See pages 35-40 in Janice Bailey's Bioenergetic Basics, The Art of Dynamic Wellness with Goiz Biomagnetic Pairs