About Me

Lisa Widdowson graduated from the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare of Herzing University. She has been a licensed massage therapist since 2010 and specializes in pain relief, stress reduction, and therapeutic relaxation.


She was trained by Terri KausEric Stephenson, Dr. Pam Popper Dr. David Bole, all nationally known educators in the fields of kinesiology, massage therapy, nutrition, and acupuncture.  She is certified in various modalities, most recently certified in Touch for Health and Lymph Massage for Detox.  Her modality of choice is Contrast Therapy, which uses warm stones and cool marble to warm up the tissue and then rid it of inflammation.  Other techniques employed include Acupressure, The Magic of Hot Stone, Myofascial Release (Deep Tissue), Pre-Natal (Pregnancy), Reflexology, Swedish, and Warm Bamboo. Lisa is also a member of the Nebraska chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association. Her website is LaVistaMassage.com and you can schedule online there.


Touch for Health is an assessment of imbalances and stress patterns in the body.  Practitioners use muscle testing as a biofeedback tool to re-balance the body's muscles, systems and energy.  This often results in a rapid, long-lasting solution to the pain and other symptoms that people tell her about.  Basically, Lisa helps your body release stress and pain by re-balancing it, and then she uses massage as needed to keep it balanced.


In a Lymphatic Massage for Detox session, Lisa combines dry brushing and light, rhythmic drainage strokes with castor oil packs and reflexology.  Ninety minutes is the perfect amount of time to allow for this deeply relaxing and cleansing experience.  Lisa has also incorporated special techniques for post-surgical tummy tuck and liposuction patients, using their body's own watersheds to help drain the lymph.


Contrast Therapy is the basis of Lisa's "creme de la creme" or magnum opus signature modality.  She uses acupressure, reflexology, and a Nikken Magboy magnet to begin your session, then adds warm basalt stones to get your neck, shoulder and back muscles warmed up. Myofascial techniques are used on the requested areas of concern to provide pain relief. More warm stones surround the cool marble strokes, and it's off to LaLa Land (your deep relaxation place) for the duration of the massage.  Lymphatic drainage, stretching and re-balancing instructions end your session in a most glorious way. This could quite possibly be the best 90 minutes of your month...every month.


Her positions in the past have helped others solve their computer challenges.  She has created and designed databases for various industries, and taught clients how to most effectively use the resources available to them. She was publicly baptized as a Christian in 2001 and later graduated from Grace University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Leadership.  


Lisa grows microgreens and is a distributor of JuicePlus+ . She wholeheartedly recommends eating a "flexitarian" and organic, plant based diet with the Healthy Starts program. As a result of improving her own food choices, she is no longer suffering from symptoms of chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain (also known as fibromyalgia), insomnia or brain fog, and her kids rarely go to the doctor.  She is an avid gardener and enjoys growing fruits and vegetables in her Tower Gardens.


Lisa lives with her family in LaVista, NE. She offers a unique blend of massage modalities, heat therapies and essential oils to help her clients get what they want: More Energy and Less Stress. Truly, giving all the glory to our Creator, she believes that massage benefits the body, mind and spirit!