Lisa Widdowson, LMT

a. Bioenergetic Basics

Bioenergetic Basics

The Art of Dynamic Wellness with Goiz Biomagnetic Pairs

written by Janice Bailey

Available on Kindle Unlimited for free with Amazon Prime (searchable and great electronic reference (in addition to a hard copy of the book)

The following page notations are from the physical book:

See page 64 for "How magnets can break up polarized biomagnetic pairs"

See Chapter 8 "pH and Bioenergetic Basics" regarding hydrogen, oxygen, water, process of ion formation, water in our bodies, and the pH scale.


For trauma, see pages 14, 22, 42, 71, 76, 86, 101, 123, 133, 144, 167-8, 184.  Especially see page 22 with regards to resistance and pH at the atomic level.


See page 32 for explanation of the Bloch wall.

See page 34 for a Goiz quote regarding hydrogen being the elemental "glue" as well as the author's deduction that there is a harmonious vibration or resonance between the two poles of a biomagnetic pair.

See page 37 for the explanation that bacteria thrive in an alkaline, OH- high pH environment and that herbs and other alternative natural products with antibacterial properties may also serve to insure that the bacteria die off quickly.

See page 38 for Table 35: Comparison of Bacteria and Viruses, and note that "Pain and inflammation are related to bacteria" and "When a virus weighs more than insulin, it does not enter into the disease process." Also noteworthy is a statement: "A virus is negative in charge, and associates with acidity, which is of a positive charge (opposite charges attract)."  I deduce that acidity is low pH, low POTENTIAL for Hydrogen because there is already a lot of + positive Hydrogen atoms present.

See page 38-39 regarding RNA (non-pathogenic) types of viruses: "In that case, the virus only lends support to the (pathogenic) bacterium, vibrating and resonating with it to strengthen it.  The bacterium causes the disease and ensuing pain."

See page 40 regarding the whole body scan necessity when a parasite or fungus is found, so that we also find the bacteria or virus helping it survive.

See page 42 for an illustration titled "BMPs afflicting thyroid".

See page 43 for a table titled "How Abscesses, Cysts and Dysplasia form."

See page 44 for a table titled "How Benign and Malignant Tumors form."  Also the statement: "The implications of these findings are revolutionary and liberating.  They need to be taught to every man, woman, and child.  Every doctor and nurse, every patient suffering from cancer needs to realize this: that be aiding the body to get rid of Mycobacterium lepra in the early stages, true cancer may be stopped dead in its tracks by the body."

See page 194 for diagram of Scapula/Scapula. Also the statement: "produces dedos de tambor (fat or inflamed fingers)."

See page 50 for the beginning of Table 44: Table showing misdiagnosed diseases (Goiz's false positives), Chart of Comparative diagnosis including arthritis (a-k), bladder problems, diabetes mellitus (a-n), kidney problems (a-b), pancreas problems, parathyroid gland dysfunction, parotid gland dysfunction, pineal gland dysfunction (a-o), spleen, thyroid gland dysfunctions (a-3)


Chapter 13 begins describing the scanning procedures, using an alphabetical list of points or directional from head to toe. Therapist note: Client must be well hydrated before session begins. (Also perform the Specialized Kinesiology switch-on protocols to balance the central and governing meridians.)

Page 57 notes that the negative (north) pole of the magnet is used to check the right side of the body for those of us in the northern hemisphere.



See Chapter 18 for Body Catalog of Biomagnetic Pairs


See page 211-212 regarding Dr. Esther del Rio and why she says "our blood contains a myriad of magnetic pyramids. ... If X rays or cobalt (radiation) are applied to the magnetite particles, they can be deactivated or totally destroyed. This disrupts our magnetic network, harming our health.  She also stresses that since we are composed of levels of magnets, we need to care for this precious magnetite. 

    "Illness," she explains, "occurs when those magnets found in ferrous oxide and ferric oxide forms are disoriented.  Often, the illness can be relieved simply by returning the magnetite to its place.  This can be done without attacking the body with medicines, but simply by the applications of regulated magnetic fields."


See page 38-39 regarding RNA (non-pathogenic) types of viruses: "In that case, the virus only lends support to the (pathogenic) bacterium, vibrating and resonating with it to strengthen it.  The bacterium causes the disease and ensuing pain."